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    checkbox in discoverer desktop edition


      The query we are executing created for cross tab report have plenty of views and is returning null data which needs apps intialization which cannot be done from discoverer.

      I think loging into Discoverer desktop edition with oracle applications user would resolve the same.

      I have checked the checkbox in desktop edition and logged in as operations/welcome. but it is showing as invalid user name /password.

      please help in setup that must required to check and login to oracle applications user. Also Provide if there is any alternative.

      I would be very much thankful if you could help me on this.

      Best Regards,

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          Hi katty,

          You said you have checked the check box and logging in.Before that do check out without logging in go to tools/options in discoverer admin and check is it connect to both standard and applications EUL or any other.If so it is not connected to both standard and applications EUL then check it and give the gateway user_id and foundation_name.

          Hope this helps you


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            Rod West

            The apps initialization can be done by Discoverer provided that you are connecting to an Apps mode EUL with an applications username and password.

            You must specify that you want an Apps mode EUL when the EUL is created. Then when you connect to Disco Admin as the owner of the EUL you will be able to grant access privs and security to the Application users and responsbilities.

            If you have an apps mode EUL and still get an invalid username/password then this could be because the application is running in secure mode. Then you need to copy the .dbc file to a local directory. Search this forum for details on how to do this.

            Rod West