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    How to change /i/ reference in APEX installation


      Due to the need of having access to both 3.0.1 and 3.1 i have successfully created two DAD entrys, both working fine. However, both APEX installations are installed with default virtual image directory /i/ - This is a problem, because it is only possible to create the /i/ interpretation in the application servers http servers httpd.conf file.

      So, is there any way in which i can reconfigure the APEX installation to use e.g. /i31/ instead of /i/ ?


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          Roel Hartman
          Hello Thomas,

          In the dads.conf is the definition of that (virtual) /i/ directory. You can change that there and in your APEX Application itself under Application Definition there is an Image Prefix property.

          The help says:
          Determines the virtual path the Web server uses to point to the images directory distributed with Application Builder. During installation, the virtual path is configured as /i/. If you are unsure, contact your administrator.
          When embedding an image in static text (for example, in page or region headers or footers), you can reference an image using the substitution string /i/. For example, to reference the image go.gif you would use the following syntax:
          <img src="/i/go.gif">

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            Thanks for your quick reply. But to be abselutely shure;

            I installed 3.0.1 on server1 with /i/
            I installed 3.1 on server2 with /i/

            I am now using the same application server. If i change the dad entrys to interpret the /i/ differently depending on the DAD used, the what about the /i/ Alias in httpd.conf?

            The reason for this question is, that i have tried to write the /i/ interpretation in the DAD entry, but it is ignored. Perhaps it is overwritten by the httpd.conf /i/ statement?


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              Roel Hartman
              I don't have an /i/ Alias in my httpd.conf, only in the dads.conf.
              What happens if you remove the Alias in the httpd.conf (and restart Apache and/or the HTTP Server)?

              I've never tried it, but you could try setting this in your dads.conf
              Alias /i30/ "c:\Oracle\OAS\Apache/apex30/images/"
              Alias /i31/ "c:\Oracle\OAS\Apache/apex31/images/"
              (and set up the directories accordingly).

              And set the value of the Image Prefix in your Application Definition to the right /i30/ or /i31/ value.

              But, as I said, never tried it, so no guarantee...
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                Yeah, pretty much what i wanted to try. But, when i remove the alias line in httpd.conf no images are displayed at all.

                But, i want to try the idea on defining two aliases in dads.conf - But what happens to the images used for the internal workspace, for the APEX administration. All ADMIN functionality is blown away when images are not available. I need the images for the entire APEX installation.

                Perhaps it is best to reinstall APEX with a reasonable virtual image dir.
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                  In your DADS.CONF, specify these 4 lines at the top:

                  Alias /i/ "/oracle/apex/images/"
                  Alias /i32/ "/oracle/apex32/images/"

                  AddType text/xml xbl
                  AddType text/x-component htc

                  Then, add your dad configurations in the <Location> ,/Location> sections.

                  As last action, change your V3,2 installation by running the reset_image_prefix.sql script, which can be found in the utilities subdirectory of you Apex 3.2 installation directory. Enter /i32/ (don't forget the trailing slash...) for new prefix.

                  Needless to say, you will have to change the directories mentioned above ("/oracle/apex/images") to whatever directory you use.
                  Also, the directory apex32/images should contain the Apex V3.2 stuff, the other the 3.0.1 stuff
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                    Amazing, it was exactly the reset image prefix script i needed. Everything works flawlessly now. Thank you very much!