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    Picklist web Service Custom Object

      I am using the Picklist web Services and am trying to use them against a custom Object. They work fine for standard objects such as account but are failing against my custom object. I have tried calling it "Custom Object 01", "CustomObject1","connection" etc etc. I get the feeling that these web services do not work against custom objects... Does anybody have any experience to the contrary????

      picklist.Picklist pick = new iLink.picklist.Picklist();
      pick.Url = session.GetURL();
      picklist.PicklistWS_GetPicklistValues_Input input = new iLink.picklist.PicklistWS_GetPicklistValues_Input();
      picklist.PicklistWS_GetPicklistValues_Output output = new iLink.picklist.PicklistWS_GetPicklistValues_Output();
      input.RecordType = "CustomObject1";
      input.FieldName = "IndexedPick0";
      output = pick.GetPicklistValues(input);

      Thanks in advance for your comments...