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    During startup BAM EMS failed with BAM - 00553 Error

      I have the following setup:

      Name: EBSTest
      Status: Stopped

      Initial Context Factory: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory.
      JNDI Service Provider URL: t3://ABDSK:7001.
      Topic/Queue ConnectionFactory Name: jms/EBSTopicCF.
      Topic/Queue Name: jms/EBStopic.
      JNDI Username:
      JNDI Password:
      JMS Message Type: TextMessage.
      Durable Subscriber Name (Optional):
      Message Selector (Optional):
      DataObject Name: /MyDemo/EBSTest
      Operation: Insert.
      Batching: No.
      Transaction: No.
      Start when BAM Server starts: No.
      JMS Username (Optional): .
      JMS Password (Optional): .

      XML Formatting


      Message Specification
      Message Element Name: PROPERTIES

      Column Value
      Element Tag: Yes

      Source to Data Object Field Mapping

      Key Tag/Attr name Data Object Field

      When I try to start the EMS I get this error:
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          It looks like your original post got cut off -- the error message is not shown. Also, it would be helpful to have a bit more context around your configuration and BAM use case.

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            There are a couple of things that this could be. Perhaps, a typo in the topic name or connection factory name. More likely, the topic is targeted to a server other than the "AdminServer" -- default port 7001. If the topic is targeted to one of the "ManagedServers", soa_server1 or bam_server1, then you need to use that port number (e.g. 8001 or 9001). If it's not one of those 2 things, maybe there's a problem resolving the server name on the network.
            If that doesn't help, it might have something to do with the set-up of your topic in WebLogic Server.