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    Formatting and Aligning Column Values

      I have a user-defined report which selects a number value that I want to display right-justified in '$9,999,999.99' format. The Create Report dialog includes a Columns tab which looks promising for my requirements, but no amount of experimenting with this tab's dialog allows me to save formatting and alignment details for columns, or have any effect upon displayed column values. The SQL Developer doco refers to this dialog, but provides no example of how to use it.

      In the end, I've resorted to selecting the following:

      to_char(detail.amount, '$9,999,999.99') "Amount"

      which formats detail.amount under column "Amount" as required, but justification is centered.

      Can anyone point me to doco showing examples of how to use Columns tab dialog to format and justify report column values? I'm running SQL Developer 1.5.4 on Linux.
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          What's hilarious is even the team members couldn't respond this question asked several times before.
          After experimenting, some users found it to be Java style formatting, but as it's a hidden, undocumented (hence untested and incomplete) feature, don't get your hopes up of getting it to do what you want.
          If you need formatted output, I suggest you export the results to Excel.

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            Thanks -K-, just what I thought. SQL Developer 1.5.4 is not yet a production release - its a "we have these good ideas" release that promises much but doesn't have the honesty to identify the features that are not yet implemented. Looks like dog food to me.

            Very disappointing, given the hours I have spent trying to justify to my employer why we should make the move.
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              Seems a bit exaggerated for a couple of missing features; there definitely is stuff in there that works and makes life easier.
              The team is also pretty dedicated, but as always they can't make everybody happy. They monitor the forum to pick up bugs and generally follow up on popular feature requests (see SQL Developer Exchange).
              Additionally, what might be a handicap now was certainly a blessing in the early days: sqldev is built on JDev's framework. Saved a lot of work, but also inherited bugs. I'm guessing the format feature comes from there too (that's why team members don't know how it works).
              Sqldev is maturing, but IMHO priority is still balancing to much towards getting features implemented in expense of testing them and bug fixing (for sure stressed by company policy). Then we get taken away by the goodie bag, and as such the disappointment when hitting bugs and incomplete features is even bigger.
              For the time being, you can try to live with the occasional quirks (as I do) or choose a much more expensive commercial program (yes, I still use TOAD now and then :p ).

              Have fun,
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                Fair comments, but Oracle should not be documenting capabilities that are yet to be fully implemented without providing advisory caveats. Like I said, the time I have wasted trying to use this feature that apparently is yet to be implemented...

                I'll continue to use and promote this product at work - it has great potential. But users understandably assume that documented features actually work.

                Many thanks for your feedback on this matter.

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                  The truth is that it is documented - here's a quote from the Help page:
                  Columns tab

                  Name: Name of the column.

                  Format: Format of the column. If specified, must use the Java MessageFormat formatting syntax. For detailed information and examples, see the Sun Javadoc information for the MessageFormat class in the java.text package.

                  hAlign: Horizontal alignment: Left or Right

                  vAlign: Vertical alignment: Bottom, Center, or Top

                  Add Column: Adds a new column.

                  Remove column: Removes the selected column.
                  Unfortunately, it doesn't work. It is a known bug, and Oracle is planning to fix it.
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                    Logged Bug 8604621 - formatting and aligning column values for reports not working