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    cloning managed servers ....


      I have created a bam_server1 and soa_server1, managed servers to support BAM and SOA.

      Now I want to clone bam_server1 to bam_server2. The clone operation in WLS admin console, is just creating a managed server template and not deploying all the applications/jdbc connections/jms,etc, which are part of bam_server1.

      Is there a script which can deploy BAM or SOA to the newly created managed server, which are part of the same domain.


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          Are you trying to increase the capacity of the SOA infrastrcuture by adding additional servers? The ideal way of scaling out to multiple servers is to create a "cluster". We do not support multiple SOA servers that are not in a cluster within a single domain in 11gR1. A SOA 11gR1 domain can have either a single SOA server or a single SOA cluster.

          You can create a domain with a SOA cluster using the domain configuration wizard. All applications and services (JDBC, JMS etc.) are automatically targeted to the cluster as part of the configuration process. Once you define a SOA cluster, you can add additional managed servers to the same from WLS console and all meta-data will be propagated to the new server.