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    SAP integration with FDQM

      Hi All,

      We run SAP with Hyperion FDQM and HFM. Data will come from external parties via Netweaver PI, is validated by SAP and will then sent through to FDQM. This process needs to be controlled in PI from end to end.

      I am trying to figure out how PI could directly import data into FDQM. Just to create a file or staging database and leave the data for FDQM to then pull/fetch is not the aim of the solution. The goal is to be able to return a success/failure message to PI to send back to the initiator.

      I have looked into integration scripts in FDM but they seemed to be instigated from within FDM. Is it possible to call a script via some sort of API call or something similar?

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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          We have scripted FDM, but we had to custom write return codes. Does the Hyperion-built SAP adapter include return codes?
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            Hi Kelly,

            Thanks for your response. I'd be interested in knowing how you scripted FDM. I have started to look into Hyperion SAP adapter but I need to initiate and control the transaction from within SAP not from FDM so effectively I need a SAP PI branded FDM adapter not a FDM branded SAP adapter if you understand my point.

            How did you trigger your scripts? Were they scheduled or did another process (which in my case would be Netweaver PI) call the scripts)?