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    Urgent help needed for ParlayX web services

      Hi there,

      I am using an installation of OCP which provides ParlayX web services. I found it's OK with sending messages, but I found a problem on the presence and third party call web services.

      * For the presence web services (specifically, PresenceSupplier), I used the client JAR package provided with OCP and wrote a test program to test it, but no matter what method I use, it returns an SDP-20108 error (User Unauthenticated). I use the oc4jadmin account, cause if I don't, the client simply cannot connect to the interface.

      * I also found that there's no interface for the ThirdPartyCall -- client is there, but the server simply has no interface, upon investigation through the Enterprise Manager. Is that I need to deploy something else in order to enable this feature?

      The matters a rather urgent so I wish there're prompt help. Thanks in advance.

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          graham - oracle
          Hi, you may want to post over on the new My Oracle Support Communications Community which is moderated by and responded to by Oracle Support and accessible by Oracle customers. Many new features will be developed for the Community in the coming months, please come and check it out at https://metalink.oracle.com/CSP/ui/index.html