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    How to tie charge account to a buyer

      In our company, approvals depend on the initiator. So, if Admin Secretary requisitions something, it goes to the Office Manager while if Maintenance Engineer needs anything it goes to Materials Manager. We are thinking the best way would be to use Position hierarchy though there are exceptions. E.g., someone could report to the Marketing Manager but all his / her requisitions goes to the Group IT Manager as he / she was hired in IT. Also, to approve in Oracle Purchasing one has to be a buyer.

      The issue lies with engineers who are allowed to buy equipment / spares up to a certain limit. However, then, all engineers have to be set up as buyers. How do we restrict them to only buy spares etc. related to a charge account without any approvals but follow the normal hierarchy for other accounts? So, if engineer requistions for a cleaning service within his limit, req gets approved but if he / she requisitions for a computer it follows standard hierarchy.

      We thought of setting approval groups with the accounts but don't think that in the case of the computer approval WF would start.