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    Oracle Open World 2009: XMLDB Presentations and Downloadable Material

    Marco Gralike
      For me and those who are interested, just like the [year before|http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=2710051] , hereby an attempt to find all XMLDB related presentations, workshops and other events during Oracle Open World 2009. I will try to add info, time and days later on (and/or you might) if I find them and/or if they become known.

      The Schedule Builder, [Content Builder|http://cplan.com/oracleopenworld2009/CC] are not the most easy (Ahum, performance wise) tools so...

      Hereby the following sessions that can be found via the Content Builder tool, until now:

      Oracle Conference  ("Oracle Develop" pass needed)

      [S307479 |http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=307479&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Oracle XML Database: Design Concepts for XML Applications That Will Perform - Marco Gralike
      [S311508|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311508&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Integrating Database Native Web Services into Oracle's SOA Architecture
      [S311509 |http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311509&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Developing XML Applications with Oracle XML DB and Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK Related)
      [S311512|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311512&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - XML DB Design Guidelines
      [S311516|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311516&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Optimizing Industry Standard XML Schemas with Oracle XML DB (XBRL related)
      [S311522|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311522&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Live on with XML DB on Oracle Database 11gR1

      Oracle Conference (Under category "Database")

      [S307480 |http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=307480&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Oracle XML Database: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features - Marco Gralike
      [S311510 |http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311510&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Inside XML DB 11gR2
      [S311519|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311519&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Customer Experiences with Oracle XML DB
      [S311521|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=311521&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Managing XML Content with Oracle XML DB and Application Express - Mark Drake
      [S312452|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=S312452&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Creating a Mashup Using Oracle XML Database, Oracle Spatial, Ajax, and Google Earth - Mark Drake

      Hands-on / Workshops

      [S312450|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=S312450&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database, Part 1 - Mark Drake & XMLDB Dev Team
      [S312451|http://www28.cplan.com/cc221_new/session_details.jsp?isid=S312451&ilocation_id=221-1&ilanguage=english] - Introduction to Storing, Indexing, and Querying XML with Oracle XML Database, Part 2 - Mark Drake & XMLDB Dev Team

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