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    AME-Hierarchy Deciding Feature ?

    Cagri EGEMEN
      Hi everyone,

      We have got multiple req and po hierarchies. Each item related to its purchasing category is being diverted to related department for purchasing, in procurement workflow.

      Normally, users should decide which hierarchy to choose and send document to approval.

      What we wonder is, is it possible to setup something in AME and let the system decide which hierarchy must be choosen for related document according to item's category ?

      We will be very happy if we get the right or closest answerç

      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Cagri,
          yes, it is possible to integrate AME with Purchasing & iProcurement to let the system decide which hierarchy must be choosen for related document according to item's category. For that you need to perform several setups in AME and Purchasing including Approval Transaction Types inside Purchasing Document Types, AME Conditions, Groups Rules etc.
          However, this integration is limited to purchase requisition, internal requisition & requestor change order and NOT available for other purchasing documents like standard PO, blanket agreement etc.

          In case you want to go with AME for requisitions and position hierarchy for POs then also it is possible to do so.

          As far as using position hierarchy in AME is concerned, there are conflicting information available in different sources. Position hierarchy support in AME is available in the latest releases of EBS and depending upon which release of EBS you are in you can use this feature as well.

          Your post does not have information regaring EBS release and whether it is having full or SSHR (never mind).

          For more information you can refer to following Notes in Metalink:

          293315.1 : 11.5.10 FAQ for Approvals Management (AME) Integration For iProcurement and Purchasing
          434143.1 : How To Setup And Use AME For Purchase Requisition Approvals
          559886.1 : How To Find Versions And Enhancements, And Find The Right Documentation for AME In Procurement

          Hope this helps.

          - Supro
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            Cagri EGEMEN
            Thank you for your great support Supro.

            Best Regards