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    Retry Problem

    Seemant Srivastava
      I am facing problem with implementing retry in ALSB.
      My scenario is like this:-
      1 Business Service that is calling a web service
      2 Proxy Services ( One is Local Proxy Service that is calling the Business Service and the other Proxy Service ,listening to a request Q, is calling the Local Proxy Service A through routing)

      Now I have raised error in case main proxy Service A is getting error of Business Service down from local proxy service.
      but this case is not working.

      The error thrown by Business Service is BEA-380002 in local proxy service but the error code propagated to calling Proxy Service A is BEA-380000.

      When I am directly calling Business Service through Routing in the main Proxy Service A, then retry is working.

      Please let me where is the issue and is there any workaround.