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    Problem in creating Saved Result Set (SRS) in OBIEE


      We have migrated Siebel Analytincs 7.8.5 to OBIEE, and we are now unable to create any SRS from OBIEE though we can create Segment and marketing cache for the segment.

      We did the following steps -
      1. Unisntall Siebel Analytincs 7.8.5
      2. Install OBIEE
      3. Use MIGRATE tool (sawmigrate) to migrate RPD & WEBCAT
      4. We have ALTERed the SRS tables - M_SR_HEADER, M_SR_ACCOUNT (as in OBIEE version there are many new columns have been added)
      5. We passed GLOBAL CONSISTENCY in the RPD
      6. We followed the steps in the document *"Oracle®Marketing Segmentation Guide Version July 2008"*
      7. We created a Saved Result Set Format as instructed in the document - here we are very confused to select the list of columns - we don't know what should be the excat source / format
      8. Then we click the SRS create button
      9. We got the below error -
      Error in getting cursor for WorkNode (Id:0)
      Authentication Failure.
      Odbc driver returned an error (SQLDriverConnectW).
      *State: 08004. Code: 10018. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: 08004] [nQSError: 10018] Access for the requested connection is refused. [nQSError: 43001] Authentication failed for Administrator in repository Star: invalid user/password. (08004)*

      Can anyone help us to resolve the issue ?
      A quick response is much much appreciated.

      Many Thanks,
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          It seems like you didnt setup the Administrator user for Saved Result Sets as it mentioned in the Marketing Segmentation Guide.

          Here is an extract from the guide:

          Setting Up the Web Administrator for Managing Cache and Saved Result Sets

          Some queries issued by the segmentation engine require the use of the Execute Physical stored
          procedure. These queries include delete statements on the cache, delete statements on the saved
          result sets, and insert statements for the cache and saved result set. The Execute Physical stored
          procedure must be run by a user with administrator privileges. The administrator user is set up in
          the instanceconfig.xml file.
          NOTE: The BI Administrator password and login parameters are case sensitive.
          To set up the administrative user in the instanceconfig.xml file
          1 Open a command shell and navigate to the <OracleBI>/web/bin, where <OracleBI> represents
          the root directory of the installation.
          2 Execute the following command:
          cryptotools credstore -add -infile <OracleBIData>/web/config/credentialstore.xml
          3 When prompted, enter the following values:
          Credential Alias: admin
          Username: Administrator
          Password: <enter Admin password here>
          Do you want to encrypt the password? y
          Passphrase for encryption: <password >
          Do you want to write the passphrase to the xml? n
          File "<OracleBIData>/web/config/credentialstore.xml" exists. Do you want to overwrite it? y

          4 Open the credentialstore.xml file and verify that the following section has been created:
          <sawcs:credential type="usernamePassword" alias=“admin">
          <sawcs:username> Administrator </sawcs:username>