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    af:calendar - drag n drop requirements from the data control palette?

    Chris Muir-Oracle
      I'm attempting to create the 11gR1 af:calendar control using ADF BC components on an ADF Faces RC jsf page based on the section 27.5.1 of the ADF Fusion Guide, and Dana Singleterry's recent article: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/11/how-tos/calendar/calendar.htm

      On attempting to drag the "activity" VO from the data control palette to the jsf page, I'm not seeing the expected Calendar component at the top of the context menu. As section 27.5.1 notes in the ADF Fusion Guide "The Calendar option will display in the context menu only if the view object contains the required attributes described in Table 27-1 and the bind variables described in step 2". In assessing these requirements my activity VO currently comprises the following attributes:

      EventNo - String
      OrgId - String
      Description - String
      StartDate - Date
      EndDate - Date

      ...and the following bind variables:

      Tz - String
      StartDayTime - Timestamp
      EndDayTime - Timestamp

      As noted in the Fusion Guide my attribute names do not need to match those detailed in guide, but the datatypes do.

      I note in Dana's post that I need to have a PK in the activity VO, of which my EventNo is appropriately marked.

      Anybody know what I'm missing here? Any help appreciated.


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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          forwarding to Dana. He pobably has the most experience with it ...

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            Chris Muir-Oracle
            Thanks Frank. In fact I did just that too this morning.


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              Dana Singleterry-Oracle
              At first glance it appears you've covered the base requirements for you EO and VO. Table 27-1 refers to attributes required for a calendar correct. So assuming your EO is based on a schema as you've outlined that contains the attributes in table 27-1 (name doesn't matter of course) you're headed in the right direction. Looks like you have a pk set appropriately in your EO as outlined in my how-to as well.

              Moving on to the VO that you've created off of your EO. Looks you've added the appropriate bind variables as required. The one thing that you may have done but you didn't state is appropriately setting expressions on your bind variables. My How To illustrates this. Expressions should be set for EID and Tz.

              Now, The Entity and View Object are complete at this point, however, the Application Module needs the View Object added to it Data Model Components. Assuming this has been done based on your entry here. Additionally, I've also added a VOInsert object to the Data Model for basic CRUD operations.

              A task flow is not required but I created one for reuse. After this, you should be able to simply drag and drop the collection representing you VO activity from your DC onto your page and you should see the calendar option.

              You may have done this but the only thing that appears out of the ordinary is your expressions for EID and Tz. Please verify and short of this, I'm happy to take a look at your application if you can package it up along with the schema and forward it to me.