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    task flexfield doesn't open

      Hi All,

      Sometimes the flexfield from the task tab in the service request doesn't open, as if it is inactivated. This is a random stuff and we couldn't find the reason.

      Did one of you had the same problem?

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          Ok, I finally found the trouble.

          For someone who would be interested in... here are the facts:

          We are using the same flexfield with different information in more forms, so the context is $PROFILES$.LOG_FORMNAME. When you go to the assignment form without saving the task (for a new task), the application doesn't save it. When you save the first assignment it will create also the task. There is no value defined for the attribute context in assignment and it will save the task without attribute context. If you return to the task you won't be able to open the flexfield because it claims a proper value in the attribute_context column.

          Hope this will help you one day.