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    How to config data tier separately of WLS domain


      We plan our new OCCAS landscape, and have a config question: how can we configure engine tier servers to use explicit data tier servers, not all that configured in the domain?

      It seems that Oracle unfortunately mixed two concetps in OCCAS: Weblogic administration domain and SIP data tier configuration.

      Is it possible to separate the two thing?

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          graham - oracle
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            Well the specific answer is that engines can't be configured to use specific datatier servers. Engines communicate with all the partitions in datatier in a domain.

            In a replicated domain we have

            1. Engine Tier (consists of engines and these act as sip servlet container(s) and handle the SIP traffic)
            2. Data Tier (consists of replicas and it is here that engines stored the call data once a sip message is handled. It acts as in memory cache for call state)

            Data Tier essentially consists of partitions and each partition has one or more replicas which contains redundant data for Fault Tolerance purposes.

            So engines communicate with each configured partition and call load is distributed across partitions. There is no way to have engines talk to a specific partition only.
            But for a specific call affinity is maintained. What i mean is that if initial Invite was received by engine and cal state got stored in partition1 of datatier, then engine always consults that partition for all subsequent calls (with same call-id and in dialog) and also for timers.

            Hope it helps.