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    FDRAnalyzer - download trial and analyze FDR crashes for free

      DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN TRIAL COPY OF FDRAnalyzer - tool that categorize crash-types and emails an HTML crash report from different environments.
      URL: http://fdranalyzer.weebly.com/index.html

      The key to troubleshooting a Siebel Application crash is piecing together evidences surrounding a crash and coming out with a reproducible scenario. It is also important to monitor all generated FDRs on various servers, to categorize, to analyze and to prioritize crashes that need urgent attention.The FDRAnalyzer is a one-stop solution to address all this. With a highly configurable interface :
      - It scans for FDRs on Siebel application servers in one / multiple environments
      - It creates a new folder for each FDR, app-server, date and PID instance
      - It parses the FDR file to a CSV, isolates the crashing thread
      - It sorts and filters events that lead to the crash and generates the context of the crash
      - It then gathers supporting files like crash.txt and crashing component log using a faster search logic
      - It parses the component log for specific log-events into a separate file for ease of readability
      - It keeps all the evidences of the crash in the created folder for analysis (sample folder-structure in "SCREENSHOTS" tab of the URL)
      - It summarizes all crashes that it analyzed in a HTML report
      - It emails the HTML report to recipients (sample email-report in "SCREENSHOTS" tab of the URL)

      fdranalyzeruserguide.pdf (File Size: 623 kb, File Type: pdf)
      setup.exe (File Size: 896 kb, File Type: exe)

      1. By default the FDRAnalyzer is installed as TRIAL version. In the TRIAL version, the application runs with limited functionality and analyzes only the first FDR of the server specified in "Server1" parameter in the INI.
      2. Please review the User Guide for steps to configure the INI file and other usage instructions.

      To activate the full version of the FDRAnalyzer, you need purchase the two keys - "LicenseKey" and "FDRAnalyzerHostKey" from the above URL.