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    Installing (want to upgrade to with 11g Database

      I want to install SOA Suite on a new laptop I have. I have ins

      I checked the certification matrix and saw that SOA Suite was certified with 11.0.6 version of the Database so I installed the 11g database no problem and went to install the SOA SUite last night (would then patch up to afterwards).

      I choose Advanced Install, as I want to put the schemas in my 11g database but when I put in my connection details for the DB a window pops up saying that it must be installed on the correct version of the DB, it lists a load of them but 11g is not one of them (10.2 series was the highest).

      So is certified with 11g but you can do the base install on 11g, Is this correct?

      Are there any workarounds?

      I assume one option is to do a Standard Install where it creates the XE database, then patch up to

      Then some how point everthing to my 11g DB afterwards.

      Any ideas?