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    GL date Entered Incorreclty


      The receipts from AR are created in GL with wrong period. While implementing ORACLE in our company , For history receipts By default gl_date is set to 31-AUG-08 and posted to GL.
      Till Aug-08 periods are closed in system.by accidently i opened th GL period for JUN-08

      While reconciling we found receipt created with wrong amount with receipt date as 2-JUN-08. Since we posted to GL we reversed and created new receipt with correct amt.
      While creating new receipt as per standard we need to create receipt with GL-Date as 01-sep-2008 .Since till Aug-08 is closed. But receipt is created with GL_date as 02-JUN-2008 . I Need to change to 01-SEP-08. Since filed is greyed out .Please help me how to change the gl date for those record.

      After Aug-08 we didnt close any periods till now ..Once receipt reconcilation is done we need to close all the periods till JUN-09.

      Please help me in this regards.

      Thanks in Advace,