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    Oracle XE database home page does not display after successfull install

      Hello, folks

      we are complete novices at this, but after several tries, we successfully installed Oracle 10G Express on Fedora 11 (plus all updates). I can connect and run queries and commands in SQL*Plus, but unable to open database home page: 'Unable to connect , Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at'. All other options of the Oracle 10G gnome menu display fine...

      We followed all steps in the installation guide (after several installs - I can recite these in my sleep now) - no luck.

      Additionally, we tried the following so far:
      1. disable SELinux
      2. disable firewall
      3. Try every proxy option in Firefox 3.5 (including specifications for no proxy for
      4. grant every imaginable privilege to Oracle account
      5 run 'exec DBMS_XDB.SETHTTPPORT(8080);' command

      We noticed that the lsnrctl status command output is missing the following line:

      which does not change after we ran step #5 above.

      We re-installed Fedora several times with/without Web server, and each time installed Oracle - the problem persists either way.
      We even installed Oracle Apex 3.1.2 - did not help.

      Is there any other information we could provide to help diagnose this problem?

      Are there any other steps we need to do?

      Incidentally, we also installed Oracle XE 10g on Windows 2003 server on the first try, and it came up with no problems, GUI and all.

      And in case you are wondering why we are using Fedora 11, it's because Fedora 10 has a bug that prevents it from booting properly on the servers with SCSI devices, and we are configuring donated equipment for a class.

      Thanks in advance.