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    No Response from Application Web Server


      I have problem to open my web conference page from Oracle Colaboration Page in Quicklinks. I will get "No Response from Application Web Server" whenever i click on Web Conferens link.
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          The error that you are experiencing is coming from webcache not being able to talk to the Apache host. The first question I would ask is

          “ Have you enabled SSL from webcache to the Apache server”

          If so then this problem may be from using the wrong certificates.
          If not . then open the webcache admin page. default http://hostname:4000 or 4003 the default username and password is administrator administrator.

          Check your “site to server” mappings and make sure you can reach your application server (APACHE host) directly. .
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            i also got the same error on my IE when i want to run VPE Workbench 5.6
            the error :

            No Response from Application Web Server

            There was no response from the application web server for the page you requested.
            Please notify the site's webmaster and try your request again later.

            The error came up after i update the windows server (restart server), before that everything is running fine and ok.
            I dont know where the problem is. Is it because the update? or Application Server?

            I try to login to WEB CACHE MANAGER with the user/password default, but i still cant login.
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              hye, 1stly try to start both services for Apps Server then start ProcessManager & ASControl.
              login to OEM Application Server Control and login using your ias_admin user and the password.

              after login, check whether your http_server is running or not.
              if not then start your http_server

              I try using this step and its success.