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    Web Adi Custom Integrator – How to create Dependent LOV

      Dear All,
      I have created a custom integrator, but I am unable to create a dependent LOV. The LOV is similar to a vendor and vendor site combination. I have no problem with creating the Vendor LOV, but it is creating the vendor site LOV that I am unable to do. I have updated the bne_interface_cols_b for the vendor Lov and it is working well. How do I specify the value for the val_addl_w_c to restrict the vendor site Lov to the vendor entered on the spreadsheet? I have seen examples of $env$.userid and $PROFILE$.business_group_id in the where clause, but non for dependent values. I have searched the OTN forum and someone mentioned about creating java classes. I am happy if someone can help with this option as well:
      1. You have to create 3 java classes, a component, a validator and a sql class. (ex. JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/bne/integrator/component/XX.class)
      2. In bne_components you put your custom created component class in component java class of a new custom component_code.
      3. In bne_interface_cols_b, you define your new component code as val_component_code.