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        Arie Geller
        Hello Eugenio,

        Please change your forum handle. It’s really hard for is to track your posts with an unfriendly name like user1342238. Thanks.

        >> could this situation happen only if different type of application access the same database or even if all the access comes from Apex?

        The source of the record change doesn’t really matter. It can be a Forms user or another APEX user. The outcome – someone changed the record after you read it – is the problem. After all, it’s not the application that implements the real lock, it’s the database itself.


        Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.
        • 61. Re: Locked record - update hangs - bug?
          Hello Arie,
          I've already changed my forum handle, I think the changes has not been reflected yet on the forum.

          Thanks for your explanation; I had that doubt about the type of application because Patrick in the thread said:
          "I agree that this situation with the lock will probably never occur if you have an APEX only database, but in an environment where you have different tools to access the data, eg APEX for self-service and Oracle Forms for the power users, this locking problem can occur."

          The source of the record change can maybe make the difference because some applications use locking method which cause longer locking periods than other, but probably even with APEX only databases you are not 100% lost update-free without the nowait parameter.

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