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    Mixed Installation environment EPM

      Hi all,

      A client will upgrade from to
      Components (Shared Services, Essbase Server, EAS, Provider, BIPlus (WA, FR, IR).
      They have the following environment....
      Windows (1) - BIPlus Services
      Windows (2) - MS SQL Server
      Solaris 10 (a) - Essbase
      Solaris 10 (b) - BIPlus Web, Shared Services, EAS, Provider (All with Websphere)
      Linux RedHat AS V4 IBM HTTP Apache.

      I have the some questions:

      Windows (1) could be 64 bits ? Are there any know issues?
      Windows (2) could be 64 bits if Windows (1) were 32 bits?
      Solaris 10 (b) is a SPARC 64, the web components (BIPlus Web, Shared Services, EAS, Provider) work with 64 bits?

      Thank you guys...

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          Have you been here yet? http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/hyperion-supported-platforms.html


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            Thank you.

            Yes, I've read the document (xls).
            But there's no information about which MS SQL Server versions are compatible (32 or 64), only (SQL Serve 2000 SP3a or 2005). You can use biplus services on a windows 32 and sql server on a windows 64?
            The same question you can make about the Websphere.
            I'm got confused also about the web application components BIPlus (WA, FR) and Shared Services. Are these components compatible with 64 on solaris with websphere 64?
            There are some comment like:
            . Win Intel 64 - 32-BIT BINARIES ONLY FOR: Data Relationship Management, EPM Workspace Services, FDM, Financial Reporting Services, Interactive Reporting Services, Shared Services (embedded Native Directory OpenLDAP service), Smart Search, and Strategic Finance.
            . IBM WebSphere Application Server (minimum) - 6.1.x - 6. For Solaris, AIX, Windows x64, and Linux x64, Administration Services supports 64-bit JVM, but the Web application must be manually deployed.
            ? And the other products? Are they compatible?

            Thank you again.