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    OSB/ALSB Split/Join for loop counter problem

      I'm hitting my head into the table on a "simple" problem that seems to have overcomplicated itself.

      I have a splitjoin which as a parallel for each loop. I've created a counter varible ($cnt) and set a start/end value. When the loop runs, those values are set correct, and the lop is executed only the number of times I expect. So far so good.

      However, because I have to use a counter variable, I have to select the data piece to process using the XPATH [$cnt] notion. And this is where I have a problem.

      If I type /data/event[1]/text() I get back the first event-element's text node. But if $cnt contains 1 and I type /data/event[$cnt]/text() I get ALL the text in ALL the event-elements?

      What am I missing here?
      I've created the following debug-log:
      Which returns the following:
      Notice the last "query" element contains the text from both elements.