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    Urgent:Error while picking up of data from Queue in Weblogic-10.0 with ALSB

      I have put a mesage in queue using a business service and one of my proxy-service is picking the data from same queue whenever data is available.However, business service is working fine and data is being entered into the queue but proxy service is not able to pick the data from the same Queue(path and connection factory and Queue names are absolutely same for both the proxy service and business service. It's giving error:

      *<ACTIVE ExecuteThread: '10' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'> <<anonymous>> <1241533175480> <BEA-387027>*

      I am using ALSB for this.

      Please help ASAP in the scenerio.

      Gagandeep Singh
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          That's not an error message but simply an informational message that Welogic is tuning parameters to manage load.
          You can use the JMS monitor inside WebLogic to monitor your queue and the number of pending messages.

          What we have found, is that unless a topic is being fed data, the topic must be connected by the feeder before the subscriber, or the subscriber never receives data (why that is, I'm not sure).

          I suggest adding a log entry as the very first thing in your receiving proxy service. Sent data to "error" and just write a test message. You should see that message every time you get a message. This takes out situations where namespace problems returns empty sets and a service doesn't look like it's working. You can also use the dashboard to monitor the receiving service, to verify that a service is being called/run.

          Lastly, does your receiving service work when you run it in the debugger with manually entered data? It's been my experience that when I don't get a response, that my proxy service has errors in it.