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    Not able find BPEL console link in 11g


      I have installed SOA suite11g, Oracle Xpress Edition, Weblogic server 10.3, Jdeveloper 11g. But I am not able to see my BPEL Console when I use the link http://localhost:8001/BpelConsole.

      All the above mentioned components have been installed in my machine only so there is no connectivity issue.

      Please let me know if I am missing something or what are the steps to get to the BPEL Console. I am able to login to my weblogic admin console.

      Any kind of help is appreciated.

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          I am in the same boat please let me know if you find any solution.

          --Hi Gurus help please!                                                                                                                                                                                           
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            There is no seperate BPEL Console. Its part of the em. Check out the composite instances tab in em (of soa_server weblogic server)
            Once you deploy the composite application it appears under soa_infra (component which handles bpel, esb etc). On clicking the link soa_infra you can check the Deployed Composites portlet from where you can test the process.
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              After you have started the weblogic server, and soa server, go to the enterprise maneger by using url : http://<host name>:7001
              On this page, write click the link on left which says "GO To Fusion Middleware Control ". After logging in, you can see the domain tree in the left pane, inside which there is a folder called SOA.
              It will contain all your deployed projects.


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                But what if i have to give users the link from where they will be able to see/check whether the BPEL process fininshed or not. I cannot give them EM url as it contains several other composite processes.

                Is there any other way to check the progress of the BPEL process? other than EM?

                Thanks in advance