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    Marketing execution over the top of ORDM ?

      We are implementing ORDM here for its MIS/BI capabilities and have noted that most of the Data Mining and Analytics that the Marketing team use in their own tool (Alterian) exist within BI (segment analysis / basket analysis / promotion analysis etc).

      What is missing from the ORDM / OBI EE stack that we have is some form of Marketing campaign execution / management layer (Mailings/email shots etc) and I am wondering if the Oracle (Peoplesoft!?) module can be run on the ORDM to integrate with the work we are doing at present and therefore replace the current Marketing toolset going forwards?

      Anyone done this or got any ideas / comments ?


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          Hi Matt,
          Your requirement sounds like an example of a fairly common need to do BI over several data warehouse from different sources.
          OBIEE (the former Siebel BI layer), excels in combining data from different sources.
          To conclude whether PeopleSoft can be hooked up to ORDM,, it needs to be clear whether ORDM has already a data structure that can host your marketing business events ('shots') or not. If not, some data mart needs to be added somewhere. I am not familiar with PS out-of-the-box DWH features and ETL.

          If needing new data structures, you can indeed extend the ORDM.
          For customization of the ORDM, please see the (high level) overview in http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14439_01/doc/bi.1022/e14480/cust_intro.htm#BHCEAHBB.

          Also you can decide to build some custom datamarts/dimensions an a new schema/database of choice. For that option, you need to make sure that you use conformed dimensions and dimension keys (or a mapping table) to match the different models together, and also learn OBIEE how to match the different sources.

          Hope this helps. Of course this may be fairly trivial information, as it is quite generic.
          However the need for extending the ORDM will be fairly common among retailers and needs some kind of company architecture (consult your architect) in order to structure future requests for additional information.
          Also consulting a dedicated IS like Wipro or Praxis-Softek may be valuable.

          Best regards, Erik Ykema
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            ORDM can very well have the marketing Data in it.It has the entities for campaign and
            ORDM captures campaigns data like Campaign Media Selling Items,Campaign Execution Messages,Campaign Cost,Campaign Target,campaign media types.So ORDM captures media types which in your case is more likely of email type and can provide you analytics based on this as well.

            However it could be extendable to the extent depending on the critics/needs of customer business..

            Also we want to understand more about your point on oracle people soft.so can you elaoborate more on this too.

            Genex Technologies
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              Hi ,thanks for the replies both.

              The Oracle Marketing I refer to is a bit of the E-business suite (sorry- the Peoplesoft association seems to have been wrong):


              As it stands in our company we have a diverse range of Data Stores (Sybase, Oracle, SQL etc) in the operational space and are trying to implement one source of truth for BI data, replacing an existing MIS system: hence using the ORDM. We will be copying as much operational data from the source systems as is relevant to make the ORDM work effectively, however I still have a couple of other systems I am trying to get aligned. One is Marketing and one is the MDM that holds the "truth" on our customer data. In theory I could use the ORDM as the customer MDM, but Marketing are using Altarian which would need an extract from MDM and one from either the ORDM or the relvant Operational stores. As the ORDM will actually hold all of the Customer / Product / Basket / History data that Marketing would use then they could quite happily do their analytics in OBI EE on top of it, however clearly there is no functionality for email or mail campains etc.

              So whilst I would potentially like to implement Oracle Marketing, i don't want to have to create a whole new schema for it to run on and fill it with data when I have nearly all the data it needs in the ORDM (I would be no better off than I am with Alterian now). I am most happy to Extend the ORDM a bit to include Execution specific tools, I just don't want to have two databases packed full of all the Sales and Product data.



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                Hi Matt,
                It sounds like evaluation of alternatives is required - some whiteboard session with lots of colours and lines, datastores, layers and possible interfaces, and pros and cons.
                Be aware that OBIEE is perfectly capable/designed for joining different datasources (in even different database technologies) on one report/reporting universe. So when the mapping between keys (surrogate or natural) is provided somewhere, this will help and may reduce the need to move data around.
                That would however create multiple sources of the truth, however this is not bad in itself, as long as the source for a certain domain is the single source of truth for that domain.
                It seems wise to keep your MDM as the authority on customer, though maybe ORDM may need a periodical copy of that. (Not sure whether I understand this really.)

                So extending ORDM just to add "Marketing Execution" seems indeed a valid option, hence preventing that duplication of data.

                Best regards,
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                  Hi Matt,

                  I'd actually look at http://www.oracle.com/applications/crm/siebel/enterprise-marketing/index.html specifically as the segmentation engine that you would use the basket data and so forth against is based in the OBIEE layer and can access any data store that is appropriate (i.e. that can be mapped into OBIEE and has the info you need such as the list of customers). For example, say you have a series of products where you wanted to find those customers that had purchased that range in the previous 60 days then you could use the segmentation engine against the ORDM to locate those customers.

                  Siebel Marketing would then be used to set up the particulars of the campaign or program you wished to execute - the how, why and when aspects - email, for upsell, end of the month - and using the segmentation rules you'd just created you would be able to execute the campaign to run the rules and email the targets on the given date.

                  You do need to incorporate some contact data into the marketing management tool - thats the same for most of the marketing execution tools on the market - however, something more basic could be to see if you can use the segmentation engine and the capability it has to "write-back" its target list into a chosen table using Direct Database Write.

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                    Dear Matt,

                    Ideally the work would not involve in extending the ORDM at data model level, rather at presentation layer of OBIEE. As you are aware of OBIEE marketting functionality, In the technical aspects what we need to do is create iBots at OBIEE, set up marketting rule and integrate with email server.
                    In the functional aspects we need to define RFMP rules and marketting can execute the campign by itself.

                    Best regards,
                    Siva Kalyan K
                    Genex Technologies
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                      Hi Matt,
                      May be I can put some light here.
                      ORDM provides you out of the box segmentation capability (RFMP Analysis) and allow you to set your segmentation rules (mostly it is rule driven and as you know anything goes in the segmentation). Then it allows you to extract the Customer data in a Prospect table for various Product line. So you can safely master your customer data in ORDM. Customer model in ORDM is very retail specific (ARTS compliant) and it allows you to extend as it has got EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) modeling around demographics.
                      There is some data mining as well - that gives you the sorted list of prospects with support and confidence on successful marketing.

                      However, I think the best thing Sibel has created ever is the segmentation engine with comes with OBIEE. So on top of ORDM analytical layer business users can have their own rules to do further segmentation or you can use that as your sole segmentation tool as well. Now it provides a link to Sibel marketing (I don't remember the name in Oracle world, we still use the Sibel names to refer) to execute campaigns. You need to create the metadata layer for the marketing execution and you can capture the execution log (which you can feed back in ORDM to analyze statistically).

                      In a smaller scale you can trigger email (or SMS/MMS) from OBIEE by integrating it with an email server (It provides plugin for that). But in larger scale it may not work, and you may be interested in the execution log also.

                      So your master data and any other segmentation rules can reside inside ORDM (or MDM if you want to use that. but I would recommend ORDM) and you can execute the marketing from Siebel Marketing seamlessly.

                      Hope this helps.

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                        Thank you for all the thoughts People. Clearly I have some options around the use of OBI EE and then further extended functionaly using Siebel Marketing.