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    Headstar and an invalid qmslib65.pll library

      I have a headstart problem concering the qmslib65.pll library.
      I can generate a form from headstart and it will compile, but if I want to start the form I get a ORA-6508 error
      The error seems to be comming due to that the library isn't valid.

      When I try to compile the qmslib65.pll library I get the following error:

      I checked whether the hil_message_package had the right declararion but it did so
      ( type suppress_tabtype is table of varchar2 (15) index by binary_integer; )

      I also found this, it looks like a version problem:
      Re: Headstart 6.5.1... and Oracle 9i

      I am using a 10g database, and headstart 6i, forms 6i

      Any help how to solve this issue wil be much appreciated