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    failed to login to CCA

      Hi guys,

      I encountered an issue after i installed CCA 813.
      I can login to TAW by users sysadmin or netadmin or admin. But i can not login to cca by user admin. it fails when cca loading partition info, the error message is "Initializing Interaction Manager failed!".
      i checked log file cca.log and the log file for IM Server dedicated to the company of user admin, i found no useful info in these log files.

      I have no idea about this condition, any opinions from you are appriciated!
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          I got the point.
          I can log in to cca before the issue.
          I made some changes to login policy of company ASP Service, to which user admin belong. After this change, user admin can not log in to cca anymore.
          I restored the changes to company ASP Service, but i still can not log in to cca, so i posted it here.
          Occasionally, i disabled the agent cache option of company ASP Service in AM, then i can log in to cca.
          So i think this issue was caused by the agent cache.
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            Thanks a lot !!!
            It worked for me as well.

            company >> ASP Services(Or your company) >> Applet Console Configuration >> Disable Agent's Cache

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              Disabling the Cache is OK for a dev environment, lab or small install but it is not a good idea for a high performance deployment.

              You should identify the root cause. Please note that 813 (based on FP level, DB type and company table settings) is CasE SenSiTIve for user name and password. If wrong the Initializing IM error will be displayed.

              Also it is not unheard of to see PartitionItems data invalid causing cache issues.