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    1 day activities taking 2 days - Bane of my existence

      I'm wondering if anyone has had and better yet solved the following problem.

      All my activities and projects run on a customized calendar. These are 5 day calendar with 10 hour days. When I am laying out my schedule it starts of fine. 1 day activities start on the same day as they finish - 2 day activities the day after. For example two 1 day activities with a finish start relationship each take only one day and the total duration is 2 days.

      So that's what I'm always going for, it seems however that after a couple updates several of the activities stay at 1 day duration but start one day and end the next. As such the first of the 1 day finish-start activities mentioned above will start on say the 25th of the month, end on the 26th. The second activity will start on the 26th and end on the 27th, thus making the total duration of two 1 day activities 3 days.

      I hope I've spelled this out clear enough. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.



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