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    Sync interval for Calendar and Contacts

      Is there a rhyme or reason to the sync time interval for Contacts and Calendar with OCFO? It seems the dialog box time interval is perhaps for mail folders only. Yet, I do occasionally see calendar and contact entries sync without refreshing. But I can't seem to figure out the interval.


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          Our System Admin had to set this on the server. I'm not sure how those settings trickle down into the connector. It has been some time but I know we shortened it significantly due to one dept whose changes needed to reflect across the board within minutes to make it viable. I seem to remember the default refresh time on the server being 20 minutes. I know Outlook will force a sync when opened on closed, but this is hardly a solution. So, it is not synced at the same interval as mail accounts, at least not with our configuration. We don't handle mail through OCS, so this may have something to do with it.

          I hope this helps.