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    BI Graph Showing decimal values


      I downloaded the biGraph demo (including the patch) and using it with Forms 10g ( It is working except that the query returns decimal values and the graph (vertical bar) is only showing columns with integer values. To show all the columns, I had to round off the decimal values. Is there any way to get the graph to show decimal values?

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          I have figured out my problem. I was using a string value to store the contents for the ADD_ROWDATA and the decimal values were converted to integers because I was not using a to_char. By using the to_char around the value the problem was solved.

          for v_rec in c_workload(v_apps, v_apps2, v_apps3, v_suf_cd) loop
               v_data := v_rec.gLabel||bigraph.g_delim||v_rec.gLabel||bigraph.g_delim||*to_char(v_rec.gValue,'999.9');*
          end loop;