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    Hyperion DRM/MDM Import and Export file types

      Hi Guys,
      We have been implementing Hyperion DRM to our existing Oracle Environment for managing the company's sales data which comes from multiple data sources. In my experience and research, I feel DRM is an excellent tool but there are some questions I have in our mind. The following are the few questions that I\we have.

      a) How does the Import and Export of data functionality works in DRM? In this forum, I have found some one saying we can only import the data through flat files, in other words, "text file" with the delimiters [ ] seperated by comma. My question is, Is there any other possible way to import the data, Such as getting the data directly from the database tables? To get the data, Do we need to have any integration points or do we need to use SOAP APIs (& programming)?

      b) While we exporting the data, can we export it directly to the Oracle database tables? What are the integration points needed for this kind of export?

      c) Is there any sample guide or design document available for creating the hierarchy and nodes. I just want to know how the attributes that we have "is transformed" into the hierarchies and nodes in DRM? In the past, I used Essbase, which is integrated with DRM and that process was straight forward since we imported and exported data directly from DRM to Essbase.

      I would appreciate any suggestion offered to me regarding the questions posted above.

      Thanks in advance,
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          file types ?, there is no "automatic" connection to DRM from Essbase. DRM is a metadata management tool used to maintain hierarchies that are "exported" out to a receiving system. What this means is that in a typical installation where DRM is used to maintain Essbase/Planning/HFM data, the data is extracted and loaded into DRM initially. There are outline extractors for Essbase that will allow you to take the cube structure into a file and there you manipulate it and load it into DRM.
          From that point the hierarchies are maintained in DRM and sent via an "Export" which is then loaded into the cubes via "load rules".

          [guggi for oracle|http://www.softsea.com/review/Guggi-for-Oracle.html].
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            Hi Leo,

            a) You can't get data from a source directly into DRM, I.E directly frm SQL to DRM, it doesnt work like that. It's txt files only. Unless you use ODI or Informatica or some sort of adapter then it's possible.

            b) You definately can export directly to your Oracle tables, no problems in that regard.

            c) Comes through training and expirience, wish I could help more.

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              Hi deep,
              Can you please give send me your contact details to sivaprasad.rayala@gmail.com

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                In my opinion, you can import directly from the database into DRM by mapping. You create custom properties in DRM that exactly replicates the columns in the database then you do the mapping.