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    Download Informatica Powercenter


      I want to download Informatica Power Center 8.1.1 for development and testing purpose,so i cant download it from e-delivery as the license is valid for only 1 month there. So i am using this link to dwonload


      But theproblem is in file1 download stops after 99.8mb and for file2 after 63.7mb. I have tried several times and it happened at the same place each and every time.

      Please let me know if there are any other link available from where i can download without any problem.

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          Nathan John Morgan
          The link you posted is wrong anyway. That is the Oracle Hyperion product in suite Perfomance Management Applications.

          Informatica is the ETL tool for Business intelligence Applications, for BIA use Informatica 8.1.1, for the latest release, BIA 7.9.6, use Informatica 8.6.0, and just to confuse things, with BIA use Oracle Data Integrator instead of Informatica. Earlier this year, for a 7951 install, I downloaded infa_powercenter_windows_x86_32bit_811sp5_1of2.zip/ 2of2.zip from my notes I used OTN http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/ias/htdocs/101320bi.html. However, yes, I followed the link today and the Informatica media no longer seems to be available.

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          I see! Thanks rnm1978. It was there all along. On http://edelivery.oracle.com/
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            can you share that link with me........if the product is still there in the link.
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              on http://edelivery.oracle.com/EPD/Search/handle_go for Product Pack Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Microsoft Windows (32-bit) all I could find were the following 4 media packs none of which look like BIA 796 with Informatica;
              - Oracle Business Intelligence 10g Release 1 ( Standard Edition Media Pack
              You were almost right -- if you click on "Oracle Business Intelligence (10.1.3) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)" you go through to a list of the constituent parts, of which both Informatica 8.1.1 SP5 and Informatica 8.6.0 are listed for download.
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                If i Download it from e-delivery doesn't the license stands for a just a single month?
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                  I'm pretty sure the download binary will be the same wherever it's from.

                  Licensing you'd have to discuss with your Oracle sales contact.