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    SOA Suite 11g installation query

      Hi All,

      Do SOA 11g requires 11g database, is it necessary. Can I use XE 11g?

      FOr installation, do I need to install SOA suite 11g and then web logic server.

      Can anybody let me know what the difference between SOA suite and 11g in respect of installation, if possible brief architecture difference?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Eric Elzinga

          You can just use oracle xe for this, i installed it too into this db.
          once of the installation steps is indeed install the weblogic server, see http://eelzinga.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/oracle-fusion-middleware-11g-ofm11g-on-centos-5/ for the steps i did, maybe they're usefull for you too

          installation on both is really easy, a lot of next > next and a few post-installation steps. The installation guides of both versions will explain well.
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            Please follow the below links below, they will be useful.


            SOA Suite 11g installation - creation of schemas

            The difference between and 11g is that 11g has everything integrated, it has ESB, BPEL, BAM, B2B etc integrated in one product.

            Just breifing the steps of installation:

            1. Install Oracle 11g database.
            2. Install weblogic 11g(10.1.3).
            3. Install Oracle Fusion Middle Ware 11g.

            If you want to use B2B, install Oracle B2B Document Editor 11g.