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    Spares Management, Parts Requirement Form -Availability many SubInventory

      Hi All

      In Spares management, Parts Requirement Form there is an 'Availability' button.

      We have got it working so that it shows the availability from a single subinventory. This is done by going into Inventory -> Orgnanisations -> SubInventories, querying the destintaion subinventory and then clicking the item/subInventory button. We can assign an item to the subinventory and also a source subinventory for this item.

      So when we create a part requirement for this destination subinventory and for that item the availbility button shows the availability in that source subinventory.

      My questions is how can we make it source from more than one subinventory so that when we go into Part Requirement form, enter item and click availability it shows the availability across multiple subInventories separately?



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