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    where can i get OCSG ?

      please help me ~~~
      where can i get OCSG ?
      OCCAS is contains OCSG ?

      thank you very much~~
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          graham - oracle
          Hi Jace, you can download both OCCAS and OCSG from http://edelivery.oracle.com. OCSG 4.1 when purchased does contain a license for OCCAS 4.0.

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            thanks your reply.
            i got and installed it, i can't start it then it ran wrong when i created a ocsg domain later, can you tell me which steps can help me.

            1. i installed "ocsg" followed the "installguide.pdf".

            thank you very much.
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              What sort of errors you are getting.

              1) You need to have a database configured with a user having the grant session, grant table permissions on the database.
              2) You can configure OCSG domains using the already configured templates provided by oracle.
              3) The basic model i think Option 4 in the list will deploy all the Admin, NT and AT servers on 1 server.
              4) Once the domain is configured, to use the webservices deployed, you need to map the Accounts, SLA's, Application instances from either PTE or from the Admin console.
              5) Oracle normally proposes to use PTE for configuring the SLA's. But, you can do it using the Admin console also.

              Hope this answers your questions.
              Post your errors as they pop in.