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    Logical Standby Data Consistency issues

    mel c
      Hi all,

      We have been running a logical standby instance for about three weeks now. Both our primary and logical are 11g ( databases running on Sun Solaris.
      We have off-loaded our Discoverer reporting to the logical standby.

      About three days ago, we started getting the following error message (initially for three tables, but from this morning on a whole lot more)

      ORA-26787: The row with key (<coulmn>) = (<value>) does not exist in table <schema>.<table>

      This error implies that we have data consistency issues between our primary and logical standby databases, but we find that hard to believe
      because the "data guard" status is set to "standby", implying that schemas' being replicated by data guard are not available for user modification.

      any assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.