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    SQL Developer 2.1 - ODBC connection

    Murray Sobol
      Can I create a connection to a Sybase SQLanywhere database using an ODBC connection?
      Note that this is NOT a Sybase Server database.
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          With the correct JDBC driver, you should be able to connect to just about any database. While you could get a JDBC/ODBC bridge driver, that uses JDBC to talk to ODBC to talk to the database, that is the long way around. You can actually get a JDBC driver for SQL Anywhere to talk to the database directly. What you do is download the driver and put the jar file a folder on your PC. Then start SQL Developer, go to the Tools menu, select Preferences. In the Preferences navigator, under Database, select Third Party JDBC Drivers. Then press the Add Entry button, and find your driver's jar file.
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            Murray Sobol
            I found and loaded the JDBC driver, as suggested.
            However, when I try to create a new connection, the JDBC tab is not present.
            What step(s) did i miss?
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              Barry Mcgillin-Oracle
              Right now, we do not support it. We have worked on it, but it is not ready for release in 2.1 and will be available in subsequent releases.
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                Murray Sobol
                Thanks Barry.
                Hopefully, it will be available in the next "point" release (i.e. 2.2).

                My reason for asking for an ODBC connection is:
                I support 3 database vendors - Oracle 10gR2, MS SQL Server 2005/2008 and Sybase SQL anywhere 10.0 / 11.1.

                I would like to have a "common" tool to perform all SQL transactions, rather than relying on each database vendor to provide tool(s) with similar capabilities.

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                  Check out aquastudio by aquafold.
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                    I connect to my database using MS Access (using ODBC connection) . I want similar thing to be done with SQL DEVELOPER to connect to oracle DB using ODBC.

                    I have SQL DEVELOPER Version 3.0.04 on my laptop .i tried to browse through sql developer-> Tool-> preference->database-> 3rd party ..there is no way it is allowing me to Browse my ODBC that i have .

                    In Access it allow me to browse the ODBC Via new link table -> File type(ODBC database) . i want a similar connection to be estabilished in sql developer using ODBC. Is this possiable..???
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                      Gary Graham-Oracle

                      Not possible. SQL Developer only uses Oracle JDBC drivers (thin or thick) to connect to Oracle databases. SQL Developer also uses third party JDBC drivers to connect to non-Oracle databases. See the following links for details in "Before You Start / Third Party Databases" and "1.1 Supported Databases", respectively:


                      Oracle does offer ODBC connectivity as part of its Generic Heterogeneous Services offering, but that is to support connections to non-Oracle databases from within an Oracle database via database links. No doubt other application and database vendors support ODBC access to Oracle from within their own products.

                      Hope this helps,
                      SQL Developer Team
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                        Hi, Thanks for your resonse.

                        Actually i need to know if in Oracle SQl developer while trying to establish a new connection (except for OS authentication) all other ask for my user name and password.
                        I do not want to use OS authentication because of company compliance. and i do not want to provide all my developer with the service account password , Hence i thought of using the OBDC connections ... This way i do not have to enter any password.

                        If there a way to connect to the Oracle DB- service account without having to enter the password in the SQL DEVELOPER ( with some means where my password is secured and hidden to the developer) as its a Production database.

                        -Thanks in advance.
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                          Gary Graham-Oracle
                          Not really sure about all your possible options, but you might want to consider:

                          1. Package your code in a PL/SQL package/procedure/function, then GRANT EXECUTE on that code to PUBLIC, or specific users, as desired.
                          2. Use (1), but with the GRANT EXECUTE given to some common, restricted service user to which you give all your users the password.
                          3. Use (1), but with GRANT EXECUTE to a proxy user as detailed in the Help, and modify user connections checking off Proxy Connection.
                           SQL Developer Concepts and Usage -> Database Connections -> Connections with Proxy Authentication
                          Hope this helps,

                          Edited by: Gary Graham on Jan 13, 2012 12:12 PM
                          I should also say, of course, that the PL/SQL code runs with your privileges, not the privileges of the common or proxy user.