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    Training on OC


      Can anyone share information about the training centers for Oracle Clinical and Oracle AERS?
      I guess if one can get hands-on training on these, the employability of the person will be higher
      in clinical research industry.


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          I want to assign live patients to a DCI book in OC. The way that i am following to do this in OC is
          Design -> Patient Positions -> Patients -> Patient Positions tab
          and assiging every patient manually to the DCI book. But this job is very teadious. If there are 1000 patients, then for all thousand patients i am doing it manually. Please let me know if there is an alternate/simple method of doing it.

          Best regards,
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            Hi Kavitha,

            You are right. It is a tedious process. Which version of OC are you using? Infact Oracle has launched the new version OC4.6 with a facility to do in a batch.

            Satish pachipulusu