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    Setting preferred host credentials fails in OEM

      I see many post here about this problem but can't resolve my problem nor figure out how to troubleshoot because I can't follow how the operating system authentication is determined. I have two machines configured the same. Both have had preferred credentials successfully tested and stored. At some point the preferred credentials stopped working when performing the test. I have tried recreating the OEM repository.

      This machine is in a domain but I am using local policies and it is not a domain controller. Keep in mind this was working after initial Oracle install and proper configuration. I could remove Administrator from "*logon as batch job*" local security policy and confirmed that preferred host credentials would fail, put Administrator back in and test would succeed and applied successful test result for later use.

      This is the second project and third machine that I have run into this problem since I started using 11g. Probably same mistake.

      Windows 2003 R2 32 bit.
      Oralce dB
      Have set local security policy "*logon as batch job*".
      Can connect using the following:
      sqlplus / sys as sysdba

      Contents of sql.net:

      See trace below where operating system (or perl script) fails with an error code I don't know how to interpret.

      2009-09-29 02:42:52,553 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG emSDK.comm authenticateHTTPConnection.1333 - authenticateHTTPConnection: cert chain ok
      2009-09-29 02:42:52,553 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG emSDK.comm authenticateHTTPConnection.1348 - authenticateHTTPConnection: peer is cn=pahscc
      2009-09-29 02:42:52,553 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG emSDK.comm getAgentVersion.2104 - Got agent version for URL = https://pahscc:3938/emd/main VERSION =
      2009-09-29 02:42:52,553 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG emSDK.comm printXml.3218 - <EMDRequest><RemoteOperationReq USERNAME="Administrator" PASSWORD="********" CONVERT_INPUT="TRUE" CONVERT_OUTPUT="TRUE">
      <RemoteOperationCommand COMMAND="%perlbin%/perl">
      <RemoteOperationArgument ARG="-"/>
      <RemoteOperationArgument ARG="Administrator"/>
      <RemoteOperationInput>(9 bytes suppressed)</RemoteOperationInput>

      2009-09-29 02:42:55,944 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG emSDK.comm printXml.3218 - <EMDResponse>
      <RemoteOperationResult EXITVAL="-1073741819"> *<===== This is equal to "FFFFFFFFC0000005"*

      2009-09-29 02:42:55,944 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] ERROR creds.SetPrefCreds testCreds.1341 - SetPrefCreds.testCreds(): CredsException: Connection to pahscc as user Administrator failed.
      2009-09-29 02:42:55,944 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG cache.CacheManager setCachedObject.243 - CacheManager.setCachedObject: session_id=ac190121486aa4f79245f9c4b0a9cd6b74ebcb52bae, name=prefCredsCache,objectClass=oracle.cabo.ui.data.DictionaryData,time=60000
      2009-09-29 02:42:55,944 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG creds.SetPrefCreds testCreds.1348 - SetPrefCreds.testCreds(): OUT
      2009-09-29 02:42:55,944 [139::EMUI_02_42_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] DEBUG em.console doGet.424 - End process