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    P. Contractor and Titles on Printed Sheets

      So I've made the jump from P3 to Primavera Contractor.

      My impression is that PC fixes many of the P3 "quirks". Just being able to switch printers from within the program is a huge fix on an old P3 "quirk". I'm grateful that Primavera and Oracle have fixed many of P3's "quirks". However, I'm running into new "quirk"s in PC, and am having trouble coming up with work-arounds like those used for P3.

      For example, no matter what I do I cannot print titles on my plots of the schedule. If I follow the path from File/ Page Setup/ Footer/ Section 2/ Text Logo/ Add, and then put in a title block, nothing happens. The little white rectangle will show codes and text and ect ( August Schedule Update, XXX Contractors, Relocation Project, etc, etc) but nothing will come out of the plotter/ printer.

      I can print the Gantt Chart and the Revision Box, but nothing else. Can't print page numbers or the old "Data Date =" script.

      Any suggestions? I've spent some time poking around the "page setup" window, and cannot find a function that would explain why these sections are printing blank. What am I doing wrong? Is there a different section in a different part of PC that would toggle titles on/off? This would seem to be a global problem, as it occurs no matter what schedule I open. Or even if I create a new schedule from scratch.

      Any advice would be appreciated. I'm currently putting the revision box in the middle cell and calling that the "title", but it looks goofy, and eliminates the use of the revision box for tracking revisions. Any suggestions?