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Oracle AMI's for EUROPE

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Dear Oracle EC2 team,

Please copy all the Oracle AMI's to Amazon Europe Region

You guys can take a look at this post:

Best Regards
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    We plan to post our AMI's in the EU region in the next couple of weeks.

    Bill Hodak
    Oracle Corporation
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    Hi Bill,

    Any news about this issue?

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    If it's so simple:

    ... Don't know why it takes so long :(

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    umm, just use a rightscale centos clone if yer that bothered
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    Currently i'm building my own AMI with centos 5.3... And i'm preparing it to be 100% ready for installation of Oracle software :) I'm bundling it right now... ;)

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    Any news about these AMI's ?

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    Oracle Database and and WebLogic Server 10gR3 AMIs are now available in the US-East and EU-West regions:

    US-East AMIs:
    ami-c3e808aa - oracle-corporation/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_EE_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-3dc62654 - oracle-corporation/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-47c5252e - oracle-corporation/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_EE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-67ea0a0e - oracle-corporation/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-02cb2f6b - /oracle-corporation/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11106_SE_SE1_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-7ecb2f17 - oracle-corporation/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11106_EE_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-cecb2fa7 - oracle-corporation/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11106_EE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-7acb2f13 - oracle-corporation/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_10g_XE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-6d917604 - oracle-corporation/weblogic-ami/64-bit/oracle_weblogic10gR3_v10_x86_64_image.manifest.xml
    ami-6a917603 - oracle-corporation/weblogic-ami/32-bit/oracle_weblogic10gR3_v10_i386_image.manifest.xml

    EU-West AMIs:
    ami-5e7b502a - oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_EE_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-587b502c - oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/64-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_64Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-087a517c - oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_EE_32Bit-image.manifest.xml
    ami-0a7a517e - oracle-corporation-eu/database-ami/32-bit/oracle_11107_SE_SE1_32Bit-image.manifest.xml

    I work closely with Oracle and AWS customers running Oracle on our cloud. Please feel free to contact me if you would like assistance getting started with Oracle on EC2.


    Jamie Kinney
    Amazon Web Services
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    I am not able to find Oracle Database 11 G R2 AMI in EU region but it exist in US region. As per following link it should exist in EU region also.



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