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    sqldeveloper via SSL Using jdbc:oracle:thin:


      I'm trying to solve this Problem under Oracle
      with sqldeveloper Version 1.5.4, Build MAIN-5940.

      In sqldeveloper Preferences already installed:
      The JDBC Driver ojdbc14.jar and oraclepki.jar and ojpse.jar.

      The SSL Connect via SQLPLUS SSL is OK, but the Connect from sqldeveloper on an client doesn't hit.

      My JDBC URL from inside the sqldeveloper is an advanced JDBC URL:
      (HOST="the FQN-Hostname" )(PORT=1522))

      The Errormessage says: Required property 'hostname' is not set on the Database Provider.
      But inside the URL the FQN Hostname is correct and from host pingable.

      Thanks in Advance for any Suggestions.