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    system doesnt calculate avg as per the period

      i have one query, this is the most crucial issue going on at my firm

      Please advice

      Suppose there is an item.its purchased all round the year from jan to dec

      ORG in which its being purchased and transacted, issued, received is using avg costing method

      so all round the year it would have moving average, which would be varying ..

      now in dec , i decide to transact that item in a back date, say for example march..

      in this case, the system should take the avg cost that was in march or should it take the avg cost which is currently in the system.

      and if it should take the avg that was in march, than all preceding months avg should be updated.

      If it takes decembers current avg, than also all avg from march till dec should be updated by the system

      Please advice wats the correct logic and system action