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    ATTENTION: 'Updated' Enterprise Manager Desktop Widgets Released

    rejeeb mohammed - oracle
      UPDATE (08-Dec-2009)
      We are releasing the 1.1.0 version of EM widgets.
      This build has few new features (including the much-requested option to customize database targets in the High-Load Databases widget) and a number of bug fixes.
      As always, you can leave bug reports/feature requests through the feedback form attached with each widget.
      Enterprise Manager team has released the first set of desktop widgets for EM GC in OOW 09.

      EM Desktop Widgets are lightweight rich internet applications (runs on Adobe's AIR runtime) that provide persistent desktop access to key Enterprise Manager monitoring and diagnostic

      There are 3 widgets available in the initial release:

      Target Search & Monitoring : This widget provides rapid access to EM targets through quick and easy target searching. Also you can mark targets as your favorites and monitor their status
      in real time.

      High Load Databases : Provides a summary of the top 5 databases ordered by the Average Active Sessions performance or load metric.

      Service Level and Monitoring : This widget provides a summary view of a set of services including the service status and availability, and a status of SLA’s associated with the service
      including any alerts.

      We invite you to download them from http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/oem/widgets/index.html try them out, and provide us with feedback.
      We absolutely need your feedback to determine what's good and what's not with the current widgets. We will use this information to determine the direction of future widgets.

      Rejeeb Mohammed
      User Experience Designer
      Enterprise Manager User Experience Team

      Note: You can view a Screewatch video from [*here*|http://blogs.oracle.com/emwidgets/]

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