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    Moving OCS 10g to a new server


      My customer OCS 10g is almost dying, they need to relocate / moving to a new server. Is there documentation / tools that help in this type of migration. The current OCS 10g is in hpux 11, and they want to move to intel linux platform. They just want to migrate the user account, email and calendar, if it too dificult, they just want to migrate the user account and the email only. I also like to know how difficult and what are the gotcha.

      Migrating / upgrade to Beehive is out of the question at the moment, they want to wait until Beehive is stable / matured enough before moving to it. They don't want to have the same experience when the move to OCS 9.

      Is there anybody out there have successfully do this. If the answer is contact Oracle consulting/rep, I know that already.