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    Installing Smart Space 9.3.1

      I am trying to install Smart Space.

      I have gone through these steps in the installation guide:

      Installed Smart Space on the server
      Configured Smartspace using the Hyperion Configuration Utility
      Configured and connected Smartspace using the Smart Space Administration Utility
      Published the gadgets

      Now I am in the users guide and it says to install Smart Space go to Start/Hyperion Smart Space/Information Map and click Install Hyperion Smart Space Client.

      I can't find this. Does anyone know where to find it or what I might have done wrong?

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          I figured out that I had to go to C:\Hyperion\SmartSpace\9.3\ClickOnce\Active\ClickOnceFramework\SmartSpace and then double click on the SmartSpace.application file to install it.

          The Oracle documentation had some other path and I couldn't find it.

          Then once you install the Framework it will ask you to run the install for each of the gadgets which I did also.