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    methodAction parn uses binding from page but passed in value doesnt match

      11gR1 ADF/Fusion

      I have a methodAction that uses a binding from the page as a parameter, but the value being passed in does not match the value displayed on the page.

      This a little hard to explain, but I'll try my best:

      Selection page:
      Read-only Table using HEADERIterator with link bound to setCurrentRowWithKeyValue then navigates via ControlFlowCase to 2nd page.

      Transaction Detail page:
      Read-only form using HEADERIterator selected by setCurrentRowWithKeyValue. Read-only table using LINESIterator. Editable input box (call this 2nd parm) and pushbutton. Pushbutton calls methodAction (call this processTransaction) with parameters HeaderID and 2nd parm.

      In processTransaction, for debugging purposes, I immediately print out the parameters and I notice that the HeaderID doesn't always match the HeaderID displayed on the Transaction Detail page. It always sends the HeaderId from the 1st row of the HEADERIterator, even if I had selected the 2nd HeaderId from the Selection Page, and it shows the 2nd HeaderID and corresponding data on the page correctly.